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Mini-HowTo: Handling Cookie Privacy the Right Way

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There is another way to handle cookie management in Opera, IE and Safari, which is to disallow 3rd-party cookies by default. This stops ad servers setting cookies and gets rid of most of the detrimental tracking cookies.

BUT, Opera follows the HTTP/1.1 specs to the letter, and disallows 3rd party cookies even on redirects. This actually breaks quite a few sites. Therefore, Lashiec's method is also the one I recommend for Opera users. In fact, this white-list method is really great, and the best way to deal with cookies, all the benefits on "good sites" with none of the dangers anywhere else.

IE and Safari bend the rules with 3rd-party cookies, compromising security for login convenience AFAICT. You may still hit snags, and 3rd-party blocking is not what I'd recommend for novices. Firefox used to have 3rd-party cookie control, but removed it some time ago, thus forcing you to use extensions. The extension I tried (forget its name now!) was good, allowing per site overrides as Opera allows.

Unfortunately the CCleaner method of cleaning cookies only works IF you have an installed browser.

I don't.

My XP-SP2 has been nlite'ned to remove IE and a lot more, (the core still remains for those retarded programs that still need it), and I use Portable Firefox - in fact, wherever possibly I only use portable applications and my machine has never run more stable.

For cookies, I just set Firefox to accept all and clear on exit - this just tells Firefox to set all cookies to session only.

I also use the CustomizeGoogle plugin which stuffs up their tracking  :P

Maybe a bit off subject but can anyone tell me where search information in IE7 is stored.  For instance, if I go to Google and type in a search phrase that info is stored somewhere because the next time I start typing in the search box a list of possible matches show up.

Well... it's not stored in a convenient form for easy access and modification, as you may see.

Thanx Lashiec.  Nuthins ever ez.


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