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Mini-HowTo: Handling Cookie Privacy the Right Way

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Great howto, but is it really worth all this troubler? Tracking cookies get detected by most spyware software, and generally there's not that much personal information stored in the cookies other than the "login remember me" stuff that warrants this kind of approach? Or is the situation more severe than I thought it was?

My general feeling is that it's not a big deal at all.. I think it's fine to leave all cookies alone forever and don't worry about it.  But on the other hand i get a small sense of happiness when i wipe out all these annoying cookies that i don't want :)  Sort of like the feeling out of having a clean house :)

One thing I noticed though, is that in this day and age, maybe there's no even need to use any kind of cookie handling scheme, as most sites do not have anything to configure for the end user. For example, DonationCoder only uses cookies for session handling (for what I saw), but there's no settings (outside those saved in your forum profile) to set up some particular color in the background or make the page wider, unlike other sites. So, depending on what sites you hang around, you may check up "Delete cookies when I exit <insert your favourite browser here>", and you won't have to worry about cleanup.

Also, I want mouser's CPU and amount of installed RAM.
-Lashiec (January 20, 2008, 02:25 PM)
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Ooh... yes! Me too

Re: cookies. I used to be obsessive about cleaning cookies out and have used at various times Buttuglysoftware's CacheClean (abandoned now, sadly, I believe), BillP Studio's WinPatrol Pro, Ashampoo WinOptimizer, and Webroot's Window Washer to manage them. Typically, the freebie (CacheClean - which is similar to CCleaner) was as good, and in some cases superior, to the shareware alternatives... I don't worry about cookies anymore beyond spyware and adware and simply have real-time sw/aw monitoring enabled and that's it. Every once in a blue moon I'll run one of the above solutions, but those days are getting fewer, and farther between. If you are worried about cookies in general, take mouser's advice and use CCleaner or CacheClean if its still available (it too is an excellent all purpose general cleaner, though it lacks CCleaner's Registry Cleaning function).

How does mouser have 4GB of ram unless...  :o

Is mouser running Vista x64?  :o :o :o :o :tellme:

EDIT: Okay, I'm not very observant. It says right there Windows XP 64bit SP2.


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