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Has anyone been following the development of Spicebird?

I downloaded and am trying out the 0.4 Beta. It's got email, calendaring, task lists, and instant messaging. It's built on top of Mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird and xmpp4moz.

From the website, here's the development roadmap.

Spicebird Roadmap

Spicebird 0.4

Integration of email, calendaring and instant messaging into one suite
Home screen
Application related applets
Tasks as a separate application

Spicebird 0.7

Code cleanup and remove temporary code
Basic email tabs
Calendar theme cleanup
Fix card view
Restore and test lost features (import/export dialogs? calender prefs, etc.)
Blogs as Email (Thunderbird addon/Spicebird built-in)
Post to blogs just as you send mails to your friends!
See comments as replies to your mail
Event filter should detect more patterns and allow context based operations on matched within the mail.
Instant Messaging
UI improvements to make is as easy as typical IM application
Store IM conversations
Home screen applet for buddy list
Card view improvements
Formatting options instead of just keyboard shortcuts
Better chat window
Move accounts configuration to accounts wizard
Support account types using gateways
Get license issues resolved
Better message alerts

Spicebird 1.0

Integration with a CMS (Drupal)
Document management
More views for calendar and tasks
Microsoft Exchange connector
Multiple backends for tasks management
Partial project management features
A more meaningful address book
Last conversation/chat with a contact
Source of contact


Social networking inside address book

--- End quote ---

Tried it out and found it quite nice but will take a while before it manage to drag me away from Thunderbird etc.
Once it matures a bit and get more functions/stability I am sure this will be a really nice piece of software (I have some hopes for it and more or less already a reserved spot on my hdd for it  ;)

I'll also wait until it is mature enough to import my settings from thunderbird.

But I doubt it's going the right way: I have moved many applications into the web, like email, news and calendar. OTOH if SB is capable of doing all that while using less system resources than FF, then I might be really tempted.


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