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Plain text editor for writers

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As someone who currently mostly uses Windows, but also has Linux, and expects to move mostly to Linux post WindowsXP, I've become aware that software that runs on both Windows and Linux will help with that transition.

So, very good to see that StorYBook and Wikipad do both. This does seem to be a fast increasing trend. :)

StorYBook seems to be just what it says. A database for characters, locations and chapter summaries for fiction/biography writers. No real text editing capacity.

I could not find a way to move around the text in Wikipad by moving the treeview. Keynote can do this.

What I really want, though, is the ability to move things around by using the treeview and options to look at text just in a single node, a set of nodes or the whole document. And neither Wikipad nor Keynote do this.

You might want to take a look at SLang - Story Language by Ian Pegler. He's a UK screenwriter/musician who makes several freeware writing tools.

* Ideal for brain-storming story ideas.

* Ideal for story writers who don't quite know where they want their story to go.

* Ideal for writing "whodunnit" stories or "adventure" type stories where there may be alternative "routes".

* Stores your story as "events" and "themes".

* Print events/themes out on index cards.

* Events viewed as separate windows.

* Artificial Intelligence features.

* Export whole story to RTF or TXT file.

* Comes with integrated help and 2 simple examples

PageFour treeview can be dragged and dropped, but the hierarchy seems only to have 2 levels and I could not see an option to see the whole of the text in the notebook.

I have Liquid Story Blender, but there is no drag and drop in the treeview and I'd really like to have something simpler just to write and organise with for a lot of stuff.

SLang won't install on my machine (XP Pro). Invalid registry entry.


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