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app103, does the F1 key work in other programs?

Here's a page on F-Lock (for mnemonic and I) that I just found via google:

Don't know if there will be any joy there for app or not... worth a look!

This quote, from the link above, sums things up nicely from my perspective:

So the function key mapping is confusing, indeed pointlessly aggravating, to say the very least.  Then there is the F Lock key.  This is the new key that allows you to toggle between using the new Microsoft function keys and using the old PC function keys.  Microsoft decided to make the function keys twice as brain-damaging to use by enabling their new behaviors every time the keyboard is powered on.  What does this mean?  It means that every time you start your computer, and every time you bring it out of suspend or hibernation, and every time you use a KVM switch to toggle between multiple computers, the function keys revert to the new Microsoft behaviors.
--- End quote ---

Obviously, I should rephrase my first post on this subject to read that I have to hit the F Lock button to turn off MS keymapping and revert to traditional key mapping. It really is a PIA!

Finally, the udolpho blog post links to a blog post by Jon Galloway that no longer links correctly. Here's the correct link:

I might just play around with this (when I have time) and see if it works! Again, I don't know if this is what is "ailing App" but it is conceivable that in one of its less lucid moments HP adopted this MS re-map and didn't provide a key to switch back and forth.

One final thought, thoug - App, is there a key labelled Fn on your keyboard by any chance?

I will also recommend this program for those of you who want to make your first book :)

it's free and made from an Known Author, who also have a lot of other free programs....maybe we should invite him here :)


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