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What would your ideal Operating System be like?

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I'm puzzled about the no-install idea, though I can see how that would be desirable for portability.
How about ZeroInstall? It doesn't work for Windows (yet) perhaps some of us could help out?

Myself, I like having what I need right where I expect it to be, rather than depend on a 'cache' of my desired app.
Still being on dial-up is a pretty big monkey wrench in the works as well...


It does things like search on a set of desktops, insread of only yours (great for collaboration!).
(See references)

thanks for grabbing that URL between your teeth urlwolf  8)

edvard: yup I prefer to download what I need to run an app. OS X is basically 0install in that one drags an app to your applications folder and you're done, app will run fine (there are a few exceptions). Drag it to trash, you've uninstalled it!


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