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How to remove a corrupt ?


Hey, I am sorry if this is a question that should be asked to Microsoft.

Some time back I got a data crash, after restoring it showed that 1.1 was corrupt.

I tried to uninstall it the normal works for some time, then it give the message that an error has occur and roll everything back.

I have tried to re install it, but the same happen.

I have tried to upgrade it to ver 2...but even if it is 2 different ver, I also get the error messages here and the roll back.

The same happen with every automatic update from Microsoft, so it try to install everyday and I have turned it all off.

I am not a wiz with a pc...and I think I have never been into the registry at all.....any good suggestions other then throw the whole PC away? :)



I think you need this Net 1.x uninstall.

Had the same issue, this fixed it.

Good luck!

As a last resort, if normal uninstall does not work, you can try the tool mentioned here (it helped me when I had a similiar problem):

Take your time and be very careful!


 :Thmbsup: Thx a lot to both of you!

Will try it out and hopefully manage to get rid of it...and you have both given me good advices and help!  :-*


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