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I make this post in the members only-section because it is rude to say what I am about to say to everybody (or as least I think so ;)

Mouser, your programs is exelent, your programs is made with care and that good!

BUT the gui-icons look like windows 95 gui's...
The Gui-setup is ok and usefull, but the Ok / Help  buttons has icons on them.. A green jerky icon is right beside looking really old and not nice at all. The same with the ? and other icons used in your programs.

I dont use themes in win XP, so I am not sure how it looks in other themes, but when I see the green  awfull icons I remember my days when windows95 was the greatest thing around...

I feel your programs would look more proffesional without the jerky grafix!
(It would be nice to see good grafix, but use your time on coding).

I showed some friends your programs and the where afraid the didnt really work good with xp sp2 beacuse it looked like it was made for 98. ... (ok, some of my computerfriends suck, but nevertheless ;)

hahaha - i hear ya.. yeah those ok and help icons on the buttons are pretty bad i must admit..

i will look for some better ones - i think i have some somewhere.

any you dont have to worry about posting such stuff in public, it won't upset me  ;D


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