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Making a dream PC for cheap (as possible) - help anyone?

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Carol Haynes:
Sounds like server heaven - how about 4 dual core servers running concurrently ...

The Skulltrail platform is not as powerful as it sounds. Not because of the CPUs, but the current state of software development. It's not ready to divide calculations between 8 threads running in real concurrency. Thus it's of no use to home users, as hardcore they may be, you're better off with a sole quad core CPU.

what happened to a dream pc as cheap as possible?

I thought fodder's suggestion to go with a core duo was good. Even a the cheapest and good quality along with a good motherboard. the rest is changeable easlily enough, even between computers, if you have more then one.

I'm interested in a 4-500 budget dual core-intel.

It's not ready to divide calculations between 8 threads running in real concurrency.-Lashiec
--- End quote ---
Just to clarify your statement, you mean that the software is not ready, right? Because the hardware certainly is (assuming you're not too memory bandwidth limited, at least).

And sure thing, normal people won't be able to even nearly utilize a octa-core system, not even a quadcore. But for 3D rendering, servers (especially those running multiple VMs) et cetera, those CPUs can be utilized, and are welcome.

I'm interested in a 4-500 budget dual core-intel.-cmpm
--- End quote ---
I assume you're talking US$? And would that be for just the CPU, or total system? :P $450 can get you a core2quad Q9450, which is a damn fine CPU, and the one I wanted - but not on stock yet, so went for the ~$345 Q6600, which is also OK. The best bang for the buck is probably the dualcore E8400 at $250. Not much point in going lower than that, since the price differences in that segment are so small.

E8400 at $250

There That leaves $250 for the rest.

Sata 250gig hard drive 65-$85$

Combo DVD 20-$ 50 quite easily

Memory-2gb- leaving room for more when desired.
Not sure but around $60-$80 is sufficient.

Case-subject to what you want and need.
Good air flow required.
Could included power supply or not-??? $

Motherboard-????? $
Asus preferably, others certainly considered.


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