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I've been using the Pro version for a couple of years and love it. You can add a limited number of tabs to other reference sites (e.g. The Urban Dictionary). WordWeb acts like a mini-browser but can be configured to insert you search word to each of them.

I have had a little trouble with it lately. I seem to have installed a number of stand alone utilities and I think that WordWeb has become confused as far as hotkeys is concerned. As long as I make the first call of the day with the keyboard short cut it seems to behave normally from then on.

My only to suggestions for improvement are:
1. Allow more tabs. At last examination it wouldn't allow more than seven (although there has been a recent update - I haven't checked the tabs since installing that).
2. The drop down to add/edit tabs (Options/X-References/Edit Web Reference Tabs) is right above the Set Default ... button. If you accidentally hit that you're toast as there is no "Are you sure?" check. I've had a few "Oh No!!" runs and wiped out several carefully selected and tweaked tabs.

You have to love the licence on the 'free' version.  You need to be a sustainable user, no more than 4 flights a year and dont own an SUV lol  (SUVs should really be officially renamed Urban Assault Vehicles in IMO)

After 30 days WordWeb may freely be used by a "sustainable user". For the purpose of this licence a "sustainable user" is someone that personally

takes less than 4 flights (2 return flights) in any 12 month period for any reason
AND does not own an SUV (sports utility vehicle)
Whenever a user no longer meets the "sustainable user"" requirement, and they have installed the product for more than 30 days, they must uninstall the product or purchase WordWeb Pro.
--- End quote ---

Ha! Yeah, very interesting license agreement.

I'm at work or I'd look it up on WordWeb.
I suppose it has that limitation also.
I can't install it on my computers at work.
Or anything else,
which doesn't have anything to do with WordWeb either.


btw, you can also search WordWeb from within Farr..

• Configuring wordweb to search from FARR

Pro is half the price tomorrow, Tuesday 11-11: or


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