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Has a pro version also.

I don't know if many know of this little program.
But I found it years ago and quit using it.
But saw it in my files and thought I'd look it up and try the newer version.

It works online or offline.

Works offline speedily. Has it's own built in dictionary and thesaurus, plus it can find more on your computer.

Highlight a word and my Firefox search box will look it up in whatever I have it set to-Google, Firefox add ons, DonationCoder Forum, Ask. Whatever your search bar is set to search.

Have not played with it much since I loaded it this morning.
But when that search through your search bar in Firefox popped up when highlighting a word in my browser.
I thought it deserved mentioning.

It uses the extra search bar you can add in Firefox in my setup.
Don't know about other browsers or other Firefox setups.
But WordWeb uses the one I added in the customize Firefox box.

Rock on DC!

Ha! just did a search for it here at DC.
It's been mentioned quite a bit. :)

Seems I work backwards

I love this program.  Although lately it's been acting up.  I'm sure something I've installed must be causing it issues (Vista?) but it sometimes comes up with complete gibberish in the Lookup field.  Actually, it may have started when I enabled the mouse cursor "radar ring" on CTRL press.  I wonder if that can break the way it grabs the text depending on the timing of the ring.

Just one thing to say about it...."Love it  :-* :-* :-* " a none English I find it much better then Ifinger, since it is easier to find those word you are searching for...because you don't need to write the whole get up a list to pick from.

And from what I remember it did not cost that much either for the prof version and I believe there is a free version too :)

doesnt that work with mobysaurus as well?


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