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[Bug report?] farr - short freeze every 6 launch/close

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 ;D ;D
Crazy... And i wonder why do people say comodo is a good firewall :)

Summary: I think I won't even bother about trying Comodo ;). And maybe not even another 3rd party firewall

Well, I'm still using it, but I won't even *look* at the defense+ option anymore.

I might look for another firewall in a few weeks, but I don't want to mess with my computer to much right now. Firewalls and antivirus just have that potential to break everything.

Hmm.  I ran the inireader and it took 87.29 seconds.  NOD32 running, no SW firewall.  However I had the task manager window open and didn't see NOD32 at all.

Tried a second time and it took 359.62 this time!  Ouch!  Where is the output file?



Never mind - found it.  168 kb.


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