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[Bug report?] farr - short freeze every 6 launch/close

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Every 6 launch/close ( :o), farr will freeze for about 5.5 seconds (usually when launching something or just before being "closed"/hidden...). I don't know exactly when this has started, but it's been like that for a little while... probably since I changed my Launch history value to 999!

Anyway : I've discovered that the freeze corresponds to when farr saves changes to its ini file and creates a backup. Needless to say, my ini file has lots of lines... hence, it's pretty "big" (for an ini file... 69.5 Kb). But why on earth would it take so much processing power and freeze farr for a full 5.5 sec to save an ini file and create a backup?

I tried reducing the ini file's size  (by cutting the "LaunchHistory" section to 30 items) : farr's 6th satanic shutdown is much quicker : there'll be a slight freeze :1-1.5 sec maybe). The devil is in the ini size, it seems -- in this case, bigger isn't better, it seems...

(PS : just in case, I also tried stopping my antivirus and firewall -- they don't seem to be guilty of anything here. Maybe a "faulty" plugin? I tried deactivating them all, but it still does it. I could try reinstalling everything, but don't have enough time tonight [edit : see next post].)

(computer specs : laptop, core duo 1.8ghz, 2GB RAM)

BTW - removing ALL plugins from the plugin folder didn't seem to affect the short freeze problem -- so it's not plugin related, it seems.

yeah this is due to inefficient ini saving of the history list on farr's part.. i'll put on my todo list to save history to a separate data file.

I see. Thanks!

still shouldnt be such a big delay, so im not sure its the whole answer, but clearly that's most of the problem.


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