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IDEA: Powerpoint shrinker

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There are any number of reasons not to spend the money.  One is that I have downloaded literally hundreds of programs over the last couple of years, and if I paid even $10 each for them, I'd be broke.  I do a lot of stuff on the computer--I'm on it 10 or more hours a day, every day.  A program that gets used for 10 minutes a month isn't worth that kind of money.  And often, when I DO pay for a program, I end up finding that it either doesn't do everything I need, or that there is a better freeware version available (like the star office version which is superior to NXPowerLite in interface and options, only it doesn't work for M$).

Second, I would always rather use free and/or open source software, and I'd rather pay someone here at DC $5 or $10 in credits and have it available to the world.  Plus, if I get someone here to do it, I can ask for specific features and get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from beta-testing.

Third, I would use this mainly for work.  I'm technically prohibited from installing ANY software on my machine (or even plugging in a USB drive, for that matter).  But my IT people are pretty cool and won't hassle me as long as I don't screw anything up on the network.  Still, there's not a snowball's chance in hell that I'd ever be given approval to buy non-authorized software.  And the only reason I use this is because our IT people have arbitrarily capped our email storage limits to about 450 mb, so I'm just saving my workplace money in storage anyway and saving my coworkers the hassle of having to constantly go back and delete these big files.

And no, I most definitely would NOT pay someone $4 or $5 to do this for me.  I just wouldn't do it at all, network storage limits be damned.  That's what I do now (er, don't do, I guess).


Here's a cheapo solution that *might* fit the bill/be within your monetary comfort range (I found a number of others in the $25-40 range but you posted the above while I was typing so I've pared the list down to this):

Powerpressed (shareware; $11.99)

Might be worth running the trial, anyway...

I'll check it out.  I was really hoping to get someone here to write a coding snack that seems like it would fit the bill of A-easy, B-has no free substitute, and C-seems to have a broad appeal, but I guess no one wants to bite.

It's less the money than the principal of paying for software (outside of the Donation Coder model).  I've only paid for a couple of programs in the last few years that didn't originate on this site--everything else is freeware on my machine at home except for media monkey (worth every penny at first, but now not being supported as much as I'd like).  I've switched to linux a half-dozen times but keep coming back to windows because the learning curve is too steep and I like to be compatible with my stuff at work.  Mostly, I find that free software is not only better-written/more functional, it's got better support.

Anyway, like I said, it's not a big deal for me to just keep emailing large files back and forth to my bosses and clogging up our mail servers, which is my free alternative--it's easier to delete mail than it is to use any of these powerpoint shrinkers, I was just trying to be a bit more productive and help out at work.

But thanks for your help, all!


Heh, heh - no worries, Jason. I wish I had the *goods* to code something myself as I would find it useful as well. However, I'm strictly an end-user!

Giveawayoftheday is offering PPT Minimizer at the moment (February 26) - wonder if this will fit the bill?


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