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IDEA: Powerpoint shrinker

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PS Does the key that you received feature a double # sign? Mine doesn't...

-Darwin (January 08, 2009, 10:40 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yep Darwin, it does feature a double # sign.

But what do you mean by your doesn't - does that mean yours still work ?

Dunno! I haven't tried mine yet. I was *just* about to delete the e-mail when I thought to check the registration number and noticed it didn't have the ##... I'll install and see what happens. Better do it right away, eh?!

Ah well... no joy there, patteo. If this product worked, I might be tempted to £ 14.95 ($27 CDN.) for it... However, not really worth playing around with if it's going to cost me €29.95 ($49 CDN.) - I am pretty quick at optimizing the size of ppt files manually...

PPTMinimizer is on Giveawayoftheday today (8 April 2010), if anyone who posted in this thread is still interested...

that's strange.. this GAOTD version seems to be a repeat of the previous giveaway, both are v4..


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