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IDEA: Powerpoint shrinker

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Darwin, since the offer is for a limited time only, maybe you can try PM'ing yacht_boy. ;)

No need for the PM--I subscribe to comments on this thread.  Thanks for the link, Darwin!  I'm downloading now, although it appears to be licensed for personal use only, which does me no good at work where I make all my powerpoints.  You can see by the number of comments out there that this is a popular style of app.  Are the donation coders out there sure they don't want to put up an improved, ok to use in business-settings donation-ware version?  Might draw a lot of attention to the site.


too bad you're still on the look-out, Jason. on another note, this looks to be a keeper. i tried a couple of PPT files and this program reduced the size substantially and didn't ruin the ability to edit the files after that. :Thmbsup:

just a sample screenshot.

Looks good--too bad the license won't let me use it at work!  I downloaded the GAOTD version but haven't installed it yet--will try it out next time I get the chance at home.

You can get a free license for PPT Minimizer 4.0 via

I did that today, and they emailed me a license.

The only thing is that somehow the license does not seem to work.

Perhaps anyone interested can give it a try at the site and see if I'm missing something out.


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