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Flash Game of the Week: Flash Element TD 2 - Great!

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Sigh... More time wasted...

They are SOOO addictive!

But it's a very good game. The voice in it is really good.

i've said it before, i'll say it again..

when are we going to get a Cody Defense game!!!!!!!!!!!!  :tellme: :tellme: :tellme: :tellme: :tellme: :tellme:

97,936 at the end of level 50. I played 1 game for a few minutes, then quit and came back. Second game finished it though.

That Wicked Defence game is really good. Had to buy a copy of it... Hate myself for it... Wasting too much time on TD. :(

Just above the game there:

Finding it easy? Think you are a TD pro? Sign up to unlock the much harder 'Zig Zag' map.
--- End quote ---

Ok - So I signed up and tried the hard level... Yep. It's labeled correctly. :)


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