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DONE: File Search and Replace

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 :( Doesn't work for me, it let me select the folder and the file, but then do nothing.

I'm using WinXP with SP2.

Anyways i've found a command that i didn't know before, the REPLACE command did a very good and fast job. I think if you use that you wouldn't need to read that result.txt in line by line.

DONE: File Search and Replace

Hmm there is no information in the logs at all? Which version are you using? Interesting note on the replace command lol

Hmm...I just tested v2.1.0 again (on Windows XP SP2) and it worked fine.  As justice said, what version are you using?  Do the logs report anything?

I'll do some research into the Replace command.  Maybe I can use that instead of the existing command.

EDIT: I created a Beta version that uses the Replace command, but it will need more testing.  Check it out in the bottom of the first post.

EDIT 2: The version using the Replace command has been released.  Check it out in the bottom of the first post.

I wanted everyone to know that I discovered and fixed a rather annoying bug in File Propagator.  This was most likely the bug that Molasar experienced.  See the first post for details.

I am having trouble with v3.1.0.  The source file isn't propagated - when I look at the replace.txt file it's contents say "No file replaced".  Trying the replace command from a command window worked ok.  I do have spaces in the folder names, but this version is supposed to be ok with that.  I am using Win XP SP2.



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