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Locate32 used for Local Dictionary search


You may have found request for local dictionary search for FARR. Now I come with a simplified method. Is this possible?:
1) I would say to local32: search for me in these (selected) dictionary files (tab files etc) and return me number of line and name of file of each occurence of searched entry
2) Than I would just open the files and go directly to the line where the occurence was found and plot it to farr

Such way I would be probably able to do it in javascript, so the only problem is: Is Locate32 able to do it for me?



Locate32 has a "File containing text:" box on the Advanced tab; you'd probably have to tweak the macros in FARR to make use of it.  Otherwise, take a look at WanyWord and BareGrep and BareGrep Pro, which might be more appropriate tools.


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