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DONE: Explorer image preview popup on hover


Hey guys, I couldn't find any similar requests, hope someone likes the idea and is up for it :)

A little background:
SpoilerI recently found the excellent freewaregenius website, and a review of Xentient thumbnails, which I found to be a very useful tool for Windows.

It helps seeing miniature thumbs of your images instead of generic icons for each filetype, however in a lot of cases those thumbnails will still be too small to be helpful (especially with list or detailed view), and hence I would like to see:

A little addon for Explorer which will extend the standard tooltip functionality to include a proper thumbnail of the image hovered. A key to the success of such an addon is of course speed, if it is not fast people might as well open a 3rd party image browser... my thing is that although I know a bunch of those tools exist, I like to use Explorer, and would really prefer to see such a function added to Explorer rather than having to turn to another 3rd party application.

I also tried to come up with a name, but got nothing other than "PicPop"  :-\

I made some screens (using Screenshotcaptor, of course :) ) to help explain what I am picturing

turn this

into this

Summary of features:
- For WinXP (and Vista?)
- Should be instant/fast loading
- Support jpg, gif, png
- Small footprint (implement as a .dll/control panel icon or something simple, not a big app with tray icons etc)

Ideas for optional features (that probably requires a lot more work)
 - A setting to enable/disable the addon for each Explorer viewtype (thumbnails/icons/list/details etc)
 - Display on hover or on mark/single click file
 - User definable max thumbnail size
 - Support more images like tif, tga, and possibly also pdf
 - Cache

Thanks for your time.
- Chris

QTTabbar already has this feature, try it out.. :)


Sweet, thanks!

Tabs in Explorer is also lovely, great app!

And yet another happy camper  :D

And yet another happy camper-jgpaiva (January 14, 2008, 12:08 PM)
--- End quote ---

exactly, QTTabbar has been exceeding expectations.. you're welcome, ccondrup but credit goes to Curt for introducing the program.. :up:


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