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Fun games from Mikes Software Co

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Mikes Software Co:
Thanks for the nice comments ... no I haven't heard of Nine Morris Men ... how does that work?

I have found this web version but there don't seem to be any rules ....
-CarolHaynes (October 16, 2005, 04:59 AM)
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Once again my reply is delayed (work is very trying these days). Here is some history as well as rules.

Thanks for your patience Carol, I'm slow but steady =)

Mikes Software Co:
hahaha... at last i've got it! ;-)
tks for not disclosing the answer, mike...

best regards,

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Say sport, I knew you'd nail it =) Veni Vidi Vici!

Carol Haynes:
Thanks Mike, looks fun


Seems like the link for those games on your site is dead.

Someone please email them to me!

this might be a good place to recommend that people try to invent new (simple!!) games and suggest them as coding snacks.
games with minimal graphics might be best - card games, simple puzzle games,etc.


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