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yep, there are definitely a lot of places in the computing world where a "dead man's switch" can be of use.

Speaking for myself, I like to see some series/movies when I go to sleep. It would be great to have such a switch handy. However it should be possible for some piece of software to override this switch, for example when you're downloading something.

AudioBookSleep v090227

AudioBookSleep waits X minutes, saves a screenshot of VLC to desktop, then shuts down the computer.
The VLC screenshot shows the filename and time just before shutdown.
That makes it easier to next time continue from where you dozed off.

use case:
You listen to audiobooks at night but often fall asleep. You then awake hours later (at 3:23 AM) from the laptop light and audiobook sound. You dislike having to go up and turn it off manually. And now you're unsure at what point in the book you fell asleep. Even worse, when you woke up you heard some part from later chapters that gives away the plot! You wish for some automatic screenshot-then-shutdown timer. So you start to use AudioBookSleep.

Written up in ghacks today:

ps. feel free to bundle minicap.exe in with your zip if you like.

Great! ghacks is a cool place!

AudioBookSleep v090319b
090319: if a VLC window is not found then the entire desktop (=all active screens) is screencapped instead
090319b: fixed a pathbug, bundled minicap.exe (thanks and cheers to mouser!)


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