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ExtDesk: control the primary desktop from the extended desktop


ExtDesk   v080419
ExtDesk helps you control the primary desktop from the extended desktop.
ExtDesk has a button for opening the desktop folder and a screen that tracks the mouse for easy navigation on the primary desktop.

more info and download here:

This is another small program that I made because I needed it myself (the Use Case is loosely inspired by real events :)) This first version has mostly been testdriven on a single system so all feedback on how this works on your systems is very much appreciated.  :tellme:

- right click menu: open video players (default: VLC & KMPlayer)
- ini with option to override default video players
- tray icon menu to move all (non-fullscreen) windows from secondary to primary monitor

v090131: mbutton on magnifier toggles zoom modes
v090132: middle click extdesk left corner window to toggle onscreen keyboard
v090201: fixed error with middle click magnifier zoom toggle

v090221: tray icon doubleclick also moves windows to primary


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