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SDK Question : Does FARR update display while searching ?


Sorry for asking that again mouser.

I may have miss something in the FARR behaviour or the plugin SDK.
I tried various plugins and I have the impression that FARR only update display when search is complete or when plugin tell they have Stopped. During the search FARR query results from the plugins progressively but it does not display them. Is it normal ?
With the internal file search if I type something like c:\\a.* files are found progressively and show up when found even if FARR is still searching. I can't find a way to get this behavior.
I made a javascript plugin that emit one result by second and I never see a result before the plugin set its state to Stopped.
I'm not really certain that this is not a bug in the JavascriptSDK, but the locate32 plugin seem to behave identically.

I think i started to answer this here:

I'm in the middle of some work now and so i can't dig into farr source code at the moment, but i will try to do so at the end of next week and give a more detailed reply.

From the standpoint of coding plugins however, i will say that IFF FARR is not currently updating results as they are available, i will improve that, so feel free to assume that it will in the near future.

Thank you, mouser. Sorry for asking that again.


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