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Ctrl+A to select entire string in input field


Jesper Hertel:
Well, hope there is room for simple suggestions too for my favorite program that I use a couple of hundred times a day or more... :) Gosh, do I enjoy using that program! :-*

I would love if pressing Ctrl+A in the input field would select the entire text typed there, as in almost every other input field in Windows.

I often find my self pressing Ctrl+A and then Delete to clear the input field - but that doesn't work in Farr 2.0.145.  :(
Other times I try to press Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C to copy the contents of the input field - but nope, no luck there either...  :(

It would be so nice to be able to use Ctrl+A in Farr!  :Thmbsup:


You're right, that doesn't work right now.

While mouser doesn't add it, you can use escape, which stops the search and selects all the text in the edit box ;)

Jesper Hertel:
Thanks for the tip, João! Super! And what a quick reply! :Thmbsup:

Hey, isn't it in the middle of the night in Portugal too, like here in Denmark? What are you doing up so late?
Ah, you were helping me of course - thanks. ;)

:) Yep. Actually, it's 1 hour earlier. Still, pretty late, i just thought i'd answer before going to bed (and then i got distracted for another hour..  ;D ;D)

You're welcome!

Jesper Hertel:
Yes, distractions, we also have a lot of these up here in Northern Europe. They seem to thrive anywhere, even in the winter, and they never seem to go to sleep either... ;D

Sweet dreams, and thanks again!


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