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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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it's funny the way things can get so personal - and sometimes so quick too
i think it's often someone saying something, maybe in a tactless way, someone reacting, person one reacting to the reaction and its off into an escalating spiral thats difficult to get out of and very easy to get back into ...

ah well

I just noticed that CodeTRUCKER took down his NANY app..
--- End quote ---
yes he did, he also removed his entry from last year's as well.  i've taken it off the page listing the programs available.

it's his program, if he wants to remove it that his prerogative.  i have no feelings of anger just sadness that whatever he is going through has caused him such turmoil/anger.

Just an update to my last post. CodeTrucker has contacted me to clarify that it was his intention to remove all of his posts - those that remain are there because he was unable to delete them, not because he was in leaving those that do remain he was trying to send an additional, final message (the act of removing the posts was no doubt the final message!).

I'm not planning on being a regular (or irregular) messenger in this or any other thread for CodeTrucker, but thought that this point was important.

EDIT: struck through a couple of words in the interest of clarity  :-[ An example of one of those glaring errors that I referred to earlier!

Hm, wraith808's comment about "intelligent" filtering has made me think a bit... it's probably a good idea to implement a bad-word filter after all, and have it in effect for anonymous browsing of the forum - that way, web spiders won't index swear-words. For registered users, whether to enable the swear filter or not should be their own decision. I think I'll try to think :) a bit about the expletives I use because of this...  I just wonder how sensitive those intelligent filters are (and I think people installing them are outright stupid).

You notice that I put it in quotes... It filtered the forums here, but not at another forum that I visited that was worse... I think it might be because of the fact that the other forum had filters on people browsing anonymously.  Not sure...


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