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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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is he embarrassed about what he wrote or what :tellme:
or is it a grand statement - no need to answer me there...

hmmm, it is a sad end as Carol says

Personally I wouldnt go to the trouble of restoring - unless others really think it puts them in a bad light - he did obviously decide to leave a couple of posts in which he was trying to finish up the debate which could give a skewed impression of things

Also, if you suspend his right to deletion he may just start a third thread.   :'(  :P

I say restore the posts then lock the corresponding threads so as to allow future generations to possibly reference those threads in future discussions about tagging systems for dc.

I agree with Josh.  Restore ALL the posts as it ruins the flow of threads they are in.

Truly a sad way to leave.  Burning bridges, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is never a good idea...

I agree with the idea of restoring all codeTrucker's posts and locking the few threads that have been the center of recent attention. Others need not be locked, as codeTrucker's account has been disabled and he cannot return to delete them anew.

My reasoning for this has nothing to do with codeTrucker and everything to do with the rest of us and future members of this community. The moment codeTrucker posted to any thread, it became community property. By removing his postings he has done harm to DC's members personally and to the community's body of work.

It is up to codeTrucker to decide if he does or doesn't want to participate further, but he has a social contract not to take away that which is now part of this community's common property.


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