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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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FYI - For things of interest about DC when I'm away, I send "myself" a PM so I don't forget.  Of course, I know you knew that.  I just mentioned it for the benefit of others.
-CodeTRUCKER (January 09, 2008, 08:26 PM)
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The problem is that I was doing it on a tablet of paper with a pen.  Otherwise it is usually online or I email myself a file. :o


The first thing I started to plan was a way for classifying posts in a automagic manner. I envision a section in the member profiles to select several options for filtering out various things based on the autoclassifications done by this modification. The modification would, of course, be server side and be done without the need for human effort.

1) An option to handle "naughty words".

* User can create their own naughty word list.
* User can start with a default list and modify as they wish.Based on this list, when threads are displayed, they will be modified in some manner, also chosen by the member on their profile.

* Don't display the entire thread, but instead redirect to a page that lists the reasons the thread has been deemed "inappropriate" based on their profile.
* Display the thread, but not individual posts in the thread that have been deemed inappropriate.There would also be links to override and display the thread/post if the member chooses as well as links to provide a more detailed report on why it was deemed inappropriate. Furthermore those pages linked to would have a further link to provide feedback on how the system is working.
Short of not displaying the thread/post, the profile can be set to modify the way the thread/post is displayed.
I plan on making some mock screen shots to demonstrate these. However, some options might include:

* Modifying hyperlinks to such threads/posts.
* Substituting *'s for the letters of an inappropriate word.
* Substituting the icon for inappropriate words.
* Encasing the inappropriate sentence in a spoiler tag.
2) An option to flag external links.
I have taken the initiative to contact the folks at OpenDNS. I would work (in conjunction with wordzilla and mouser) with the folks at OpenDNS to allow for DC servers to run the URLs through OpenDNS and determine if they are classified as "adult - for nudity", "adult - for mature themes", "known phishing site", etc.
The information obtained from OpenDNS (Adult site data is provided by St. Bernard's iGuard. iGuard is the 100% human-reviewed URL database from St. Bernard Software.) would cause the hyperlink to be modified in some manner to signal the possibly objectionable material.

(to be continued...)

The second thing I wanted to do is create a new user icons, to be displayed like the current icons

that would link to a user's "Content Pledge". The content pledge would be something that is part of a member's profile.

The default would state that the user has not created a personalized "Content Pledge" and the member's Content Pledge icon will signal that it is advised to use discretion when view any posts by this member.

If a member opts to fill out a personalized Content Pledge, they will check a series of boxes for the types of content they pledge to voluntarily refrain from posting. There will be absolutely no means of registering your agreement or disagreement that the user is holding to their pledge. IOW, no way for you to signal good or bad feedback about that member's choice to hold to their Content Pledge. It is up to you to keep your own personal notes about your feelings and I would suggest we implement the SMF plugin to filter out all posts by member name on a member-by-member basis, based on the member's personal "blacklist".

The Content Pledge will be integrated into the forum software so member's can use their personal profile settings to filter out/identify/modify any postings by other members whose Content Pledge is not inline with your personal choice.

For example, (and I will mock this up at a later date) the Content Pledge will have checkboxes for things like:

* I will not post links to URLs that are flagged by the OpenDNS Adult Site Filter.
* I will not use curse words in my postings.
* I will refrain from the use of sexual innuendo.
* I will refrain from posting on religious matters.
I also have grander plans for the Content Pledge that I will expound upon at a later date.

(to be continued...)

It's bedtime for me now. I will continue this tomorrow. Please post your thoughts on what I have posted so far.


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