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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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The drop down list may be lacking since we're mainly dealing with classification of software.
How about an ajax-ish drop down/popup software classification tree, which can be navigable in its own little window - something like inserting those fancy smileys - u navigate the tree and click on the category/label that fits and it appears in an edit box for labels. Those of us familiar with categories need not navigate the tree and can enter them straight into the edit box, separated by comas & all that... standard stuff.

The mods will have to fix the categories/ tree structure but new ones are bound to creep in so there has to be a provision for that. Letting users create new labels at will is a recipe for disaster though.

This is a mess.  And it can get worse, I imagine.


Why does attempting to make things more hospitable to others besides ourselves constitute a "mess?"

It always takes a good bit of work to get something done, even cleaning up a mess.  My interest is controversial, obviously, but I think Cody's reputation outside of DC could improved.  I really do care about this place as more than a place to spend time.

I took a look at Chris' (Veign) test case.  Simple clear and doesn't add any noticeble "noise" to the experience.  Give it a test-drive!


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