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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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-KenR (January 10, 2008, 08:47 AM)
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Agreed :)

General tagging is perfectly fine with me as its something I'm used to because of its use in blogging.  But anything that starts to classify a member as someone to avoid because they haven't taken a pledge or chooses to not tag their posts is something I would not want to see. 

This is a two way street and *all* members must be willing to have an understanding of other peoples views. This is a forum, not a church.  We are all here to discuss topics on a common theme.  These discussion should be allowed in the natural way a person speaks without fear of some repercussions.  Its the varying personalities of the members that makes a forum.  Try and do anything that tags members, censors posts, blocks content or makes reading the forum more difficult will only block theses personalties.  Any system that gets implemented should take this into account.

If this were my forum I would implement a general tagging system, modify the search to handle tags, add a filter to filter posts by tags and then create a post about tagging, how it works, recommended tags.  Then I would leave it alone.  Basically the forum would look and act as it does now to members who want it to.  (see my post above about a demo of a general tagging system for SMF)

edited to add: I would not go back and tag previous posts.

I see your point, but it seems like there should be a happy medium somewhere?

I looks like I am not effectively communicating my vision. What I am proposing is a generic framework. The NSFW aspects of it are just the first use case. Maybe I should just come out and say it. What I am proposing/building/discussing is a generic "attention" framework that I think can be leveraged for things much greater than keeping some priss from seeing the work fuck. (I'll give you a minute to recover from that.)

The Content Pledge is just a use case of a "Statement of Interest". Let's look at the complete opposite use case. I am not trying to protect my virgin eyes from something horrible that will scar me for life, instead I am a very busy computer programmer who only wants to talk about encryption, compression, and little rubber duckies. It's not that I find 3D CAD/CAM offensive, it's that I don't have enough time to read every *** **** thread that gets posted here. And don't be so f&*#ing narcissistic to think that it is all about you and this community. This is something that any community will be able to use. So get your fornicating heads out of your excretion point and look at the bigger picture.

Hopefully this post, the wording, the examples, and the gist will show you why this IS a Good Thing!!!!

Let me ask a question from a different angle that my provide some insight into how tagging should work.

Forget, for a moment, trying to find something. IOW, don't think in terms of searching for something. But instead think of filtering out stuff you have no interest in reading.

What tools would help you filter out stuff in a forum, any forum, not just DC, that would save you a little valuable time each time you visit?


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