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What kind of tagging system would be appropriate for DC?

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Honestly I would say it's not worth the effort in this particular case. Hopefully those of us who followed or participated in these threads can walk away having learned one lesson; that while may there are sensitive folks out there whom to us seem to have taken it to an unreasonable extreme it still doesn't require much on our parts to be a bit more accommodating.

I believe things got heated here because codeTRUCKER wanted more than that and took an offensive approach in seeking his aims. Perhaps in a day or so after people have made their closing comments the threads could even be locked to prevent them being resurrected in a months times.

Personally I'm not ashamed of my responses, but I am not proud of them either, it'd be nice to forget the incident but not the lesson.

This screenshot tells me what kind of a person CodeTRUCKER really is. I would just block his access to the forums because he's gonna come back for more.

Ooops, too late, looks like he already deleted most of his posts to this forum. Would it be inappropriate (read NSFW  :D) to quote a few terms from the Dictionary of the F-Word to describe how I feel about CodeTRUCKER's action?

Carol Haynes:
This is a very sad end to all this really ... no more comment on that for now.

How about a mod that allows users to modify their posts for up to 1 hour after posting (to allow for inevitable typos to be corrected) but after that only add 'addendum' notes to messages and not edit original message content - that way corrections or clarifications could be added but the original thread is secure. It also saves confusion so that no one could go back and rewrite history (if the mood took them).

Strikes me this would be a better solution than version control as it would effectively manage itself, and it would be simpler to implement (probably).

I wonder if it is possible to suspend codeTRUCKER's editing rights before more stuff gets deleted?

Finally I think once this has all settled down perhaps the two threads could be either deleted in their entirety or edited to make some sense.

Actually, most of your questions, Carol, have already been discussed in a talk we had on irc.

I'll answer a few:

codeTrucker already can't log in to DC. Almost everything is deleted, though. But of course DC has lots of backups and all his posts have been recovered and are now waiting for a decision on what to do with them.

Regarding the "not change the post after 1 hour", we decided that it isn't that good of an idea, because there are several situations where it's useful to be able to edit the posts. (think minireviews, program update posts, etc).

Regarding the revision control system... Let's all force wordzilla to do it! :D

I wonder if it is possible to suspend codeTRUCKER's editing rights before more stuff gets deleted?
-Carol Haynes (January 14, 2008, 09:22 AM)
--- End quote ---

He already deleted most of his posts to this forum. See;u=35217;sa=showPosts


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