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Textmaker (Softmaker/Ashampoo Office) 2008

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Thanks for the heads up, Curt  :Thmbsup: Downloading it now...

This really is a great office suite!

Just a little note...
Softmaker 2006 went free:

In preparation for Halloween, we have just posted some Halloween document templates for TextMaker 2006, TextMaker 2008, and SoftMaker Presentations 2008 here:

This is a free download.

Martin Kotulla
SoftMaker Software GmbH

There's a special upgrade price of $12.99 for "owners of older versions of TextMaker, PlanMaker, SoftMaker Office, or Ashampoo Office"
for upgrade to Softmaker Office 2008

If you have any of these products registered check for recent email from Softmaker  [Make the switch: SoftMaker Office 2008 now even more affordable]


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