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CyLog Software: Tons Of Useful Stuff!


CyLog has quite an impressive collection of software and utilities here.

Just a few examples:

3D Dissolve (This screensaver is freakin' AWESOME!!!! Old school goodness)
A fascinating colorful 3D screensaver that transforms 3D objects. The Beauty of Mathematics!

You have never seen a "sticky notes" application like this. Small, quick, beautiful and minimalistic! New version 2.00c has been rewritten from scratch and employs some of our best technologies.

The most beautiful application launcher for all versions of Windows. Forget your Start button for ever!

Raster Font Editor NEW!!!
Create your own raster fonts to use in text editors and command-line shells.

I`m a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class, especially since I rule.-nighted
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Unfortunately, based on some of your postings, it is obvious you have no class.  :P However, this is a useful post.  :)

I have downloaded VirtualTreeNavigator so I can give it a test drive (from my USB stick no less).

VirtualTreeNavigator is a database browser that presents data in a hierarchical structure. It can present any RDBMS structure as a taxonomy system using a simple and intuitive XML descriptor.

It can connect to any ADO database and will retrieve data using plain SQL. VirtualTreeNavigator will help you to instantly visualise and understand the structure of any database.
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CyLog Software: Tons Of Useful Stuff!

Why think you sir, your words are most humbling. ;)


Check out Really Slick Screensavers - Windows only 3D OpenGL screensavers. Here's a description of some that are available for download:

nice find.

Not only is 3D disolve cool but it works across multiple monitor display which is rare and lovely  :Thmbsup:


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