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Noob question, D&D to flash device, need batch?


I must be missing something really obvious.

I try to D&D from RMTM to a SD card via Windows Explorer (XP SP2).  RMTM goes inactive for a while (hourglass icon), then comes back.  Nothing shows up on the SD card.

Do I need to add another batch file (e.g. "copy2SD.bat")  to accomplish this operation?  Then D&D on the batchfile icon?

Copy/paste via right-click from RMTM to Explorer doesn't work either.

I would rather not have to resort to copying the potential playlist to an M3U file, but keep things to a simple set of GUI operations if possible.


Say, what is RMTM doing while it is "eliminating ... .mp3" ?

Reason I ask is because I'm trying to use RMTM to take 512M or 1024M snapshots of my approximately 300G music collection.  It generates a nice, correct-sized random mix of music.  But then it spends a LONG time "eliminating" the rest of my collection.

Is there any way to eliminate the "eliminating" step?

Thanks again!

sorry for the delay (i've been out for some time)

ok, well first, i have no idea why d&d isn't working.  all tests i've performed with d&d have worked without incident (with exception of nero).

are you d&d to your sd card's "drive" in explorer?

and as far as the 'eliminating' thing, this is just it's way of letting you know that the particular file is being filtered out from the options you've chosen.  i could come up with some sort of list saving feature (this would cut time dramatically from having to rescan things) if you want to create a list (for example) of all your 'rock' mp3's, etc.  the only way for this to not 'eliminate' any files (songs) would be to not have any filters set at all. then it would just accept anything (or at least, that's how it should behave).

if you want to know how this thing works, tho, it basically does this:

1) scan's dir for files
2) saves all files to memory in a list
3) when creating a list it uses this list to create your playlist based on rules. the originally scanned list is unnaffected by 'eliminated' items and always remains intact until you shut the program down.  in other words, these items are never taken out of the original list.

let me know if this helps


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