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NANY 2008 Press


Wanted to start a thread where we could post about places that mention NANY2008 programs.. (i know i started one for GOE 2007 programs but i can't find it).

I'll start out with this one from today which brought a real smile to my face.  I thought it was really nice how they described us as a "Software Cooperative".. I think that's a sweet description of what we do here and maybe we should start referring to ourselves in that way officially.  It's always special when someone who writes about us takes the time to learn a little about what we do first.  Thumbs up to InfoWeek  :up:

In celebration of the new year, software cooperative has released more than a dozen free Windows applications that range from the useful to the whimsical...

--- End quote ---

post more as you find them please..


Cybernetnews article:


Write-up of DonationCoder NANY in usa today "tech_space" blog


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