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Living without AutoHotkey - possible?

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I'm sure many/most here already know about - it's really, really great and I like it even more since I accidently discovered Skrommel's Coding Snacks page. Thanks again!

I now use AHK

* to be able to use handy shortcuts for often used folder names
* to more easily search for movies in the great
* to move around windows on the desktop with the keyboard only
* to move around windows with the mouse that you normally can't move at all
* to use shortcuts for often used and complex URLs (that work in IE, FF and IRC!)
* to help newbies in several IRC channels with a variety of FAQ triggers
* to open URLs from the clipboard in less than a second
* to more easily edit wiki pages
* to remote control bots in IRC
* to promote great freeware programs with tiny triggers (info includes URL, mouser and Skrommel should do that more often too) :)
* to easily use different signatures in emails or add info to the signature
* to bold text in here without having to touch the mouse
* to be able to type short hotkeys instead of long path names for the most often folders
* to dim all of the desktop but the active window, thanks to skrommel's Ghoster
* to remote control the new, great Google Sidebar (check for details about it)
* to close a program window that needs to be sitting in AutoStart but won't close itself when it's done
* to automatically backup very important files once a day
* to schedule site visits for a site I don't want to forget to visit
* to remap some keys
* to make Ctrl-TAB work in tabbed programs that don't support Ctrl-TAB by themselves
* to automatically delete certain tiny files that I download with Free Download Manager & FlashGet (faster than unselecting them before downloading)
* to more easily search for forum (this!) :)
* to show/hide a certain program that's lurking in the tray
* to do some mind-numbing simple tasks for me (the same key-presses again and again and again)
* to be able to use Ctrl+s as the save hotkey in programs that don't support it already
* to automatically change a window's screen position when it's deactivated, thanks to skrommel's WinWarden
* to replace many key strokes in a certain program (for an action I repeat often) with just one hotkey
* to close a program by just pressing ESC when no file is loaded
* to easily upload code/text to thanks to skrommel's great code
* to mute my PC in case I fall asleep while listening to music, thanks to skrommel's IdleMute
* to often sync the system time with NTP servers
* to automatically defrag mp3 files that I recorded with another program
* to automtically delete some old log files at night
* to enable/disable a Winamp plugin with a keyboard shortcut
* to enjoy a better screensaver, thanks to skrommel's DimSaver
* to automatically close info windows of programs that are missing an option to disable those

And since AutoHotkey is working perfectly on an USB stick too, I now can still enjoy all those benefits while using another PC - great! Living without AutoHotkey - possible?

I'd love to hear about other uses too!

Well, as far as AutoHotkey is concerned I use it mainly for hotkeys and replacement text.  I'm going to generalize the thread a little to include AutoIt v3 (same idea as AutoHotkey... I use them both for different things!).

Currently, I'm writing a program that is basically a GUI for EXIFUtils ( to allow me to easily update EXIF captions, location, keywords, and photographer data in JPGs.  Basically, I run use AutoIt to run EXIFUtils and have it export the info to a csv file, open the csv via AutoIt and parse out the info I need, updating the GUI and another CSV "database" for future reference.  (Incidentally, if there are any AutoCAD LT users out there that want to script AutoCAD, we use Excel VBA to automate AutoCAD... even though LT doesnt have VBA.  The process is similar to what I described above.) 

Basically, I think both of these script utilities are extremely amazing and give a few more tricks for a user to get things done!  Skrommel shows just how powerful these types of languages are and looking in the forums for each language, you can see more great ideas (eg, I saw an OCR script in AutoIt's forum the other day).  Awesome stuff!  If you find yourself doing something more than 5 times you may as well write a script for it.


BrotherS, I don't have the range and depth of use with AutoHotkey that you do, but it has become an indispensable tool for me every single day. I run various scripts, but mainly I use it as an autocorrect, keyboard shortcut, and application launcher. I occasionally remap keys, but not often. For PC gamers, you can run through every level of Doom, Grand Theft Auto, and other programs by creating various scripts to mimic the cheats. Awesome!

If you're a fan of AutoHotkey, consider an occasional donation to its developer, Chris Mallett.

If you're a fan of AutoHotkey, consider an occasional donation to its developer, Chris Mallett.
-zridling (October 11, 2005, 06:44 PM)
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Good idea! His donation page deserves much more visibility...

For anyone who does not know, the resident AutoHotkey scholar, Skrommel, demonstrates just a few of the clever things you can do with AutoHotkey.


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