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Living without AutoHotkey - possible?

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should I forgot one that I didn't use in weeks I just hit my shortcut that brings up the AHK script where I can search for it :) Would I use some Treepad-clone I wouldn't be able to access that info so quickly.
-brotherS (June 05, 2006, 09:49 AM)
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I should have thought of using a hotkey to bring it up  :)  presumably in whatever editor you're using.
-rjbull (June 05, 2006, 10:49 AM)
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Yes - since it's AHK we are talking about you are totally free to decide. ;)

Type Pilot from Two Pilots stores its abbreviations in a tree structure, which should work well for large numbers of phrases.  But you seem indissolubly wedded to AHK  :)  After all, it does a lot of other things, too.

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Hehe, true :D

Jon Knowles' ABCZ rule for making abbreviations - found by following one of Harrie's text expander posts - is a very useful way of systematising abbreviations/shorthands for normal text, but needs modifying for things like paths and whatnot.  You system looks sensible, as long as one sticks to it  ;)

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Nice page! It's never bad to get some new ideas :)

And since AutoHotkey is working perfectly on an USB stick too, I now can still enjoy all those benefits while using another PC - great! Living without AutoHotkey - possible?

I'd love to hear about other uses too!

-brotherS (October 10, 2005, 08:58 AM)
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I didn't know that! Excellent. I can't install software on my work computer so running off a USB stick is my only option.


I recently visited some guy and by connecting my USB stick to his notebook, I showed him the power of AutoHotkey (and other stuff, including this site, which I of course opened with an AHK string :D).

He was quite surprised what's possible since he never heard of AHK before. I bet many more users would use it if they knew how it could alleviate their pain...

In the last few days AutoHotkey helped me to avoid manually pressing several keys about 9200 times and going insane in the process.
 :-* :-* :-*

If you want another IRC channel to idle in and have a nice discussion every now and then, /join #autohotkey @ - there are only a few users in there until now, but as we all now, quality beats quantity. ;)

Well with out reading the posts (well skimming thru it..) but reading the title... yes I think it's quite possible to live with out AutoHotKey, I'm sure the people who have never heard of it or ever used it live.. therefore making living possible..



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