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Living without AutoHotkey - possible?

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I'd love to hear about other uses too!
-brotherS (October 10, 2005, 08:58 AM)
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I have to retrieve patents as PDF files from Delphion
I generally use their Boolean search form, which allows you to put four things in at a time.  You have to navigate various drop-downs, as well as type in the text.  Lately people have been giving me lists of 70 to 120 patents to get.  Patents generally have 7-digit numbers prefaced with a two-letter country code and usually suffixed with a letter+digit "kind" code (application vs. granted status).  That's a lot of typing of mindless items.  In the end I wrote an AWK script that converts my list of patent numbers into a AutoHotKey hotstrings script, thereby saving an awful lot of futile keypresses.  Just type the next hotstring trigger into the first box, and off it goes...  Nothing sophisticated, but a worthwhile time and frustration reliever.

housetier reported this nice article:


Of course, Autohotkey's capabilities reach far beyond these simple examples. More importantly, Autohotkey features a combination that makes it a tool of choice for automating Windows: It's both powerful and easy to use. Whether you're a seasoned Windows administrator or an ordinary user, Autohotkey can make your computing life easier.

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Got a quick question for you:  I'm using an AHK script for simple text replacement.  I type dont and it is supposed to insert don't.  Problem is I must type too fast for AHK because I keep getting dot't or cat't or doest't.  Is there any way to fix this?  It is starting to get kind of annoying...

Here's my code section, I have keydelay set to -1 and process priority set to high:



@Kfitting: I'm not an ahk expert, i've just been playing with if for the last 2 weeks.I've checked your code and everything seems to be perfect,you selected all the maximum performance options, it should work.As i found strange it didn't, i tried it myself, and on my machine it had no problems at all..I don't write very fast,but did my max on writing "dont" and it corrected it everytime.
Wouldn't it be your script that is very crowded with code,and it takes some time to act, or maybe (as mentioned in help file), your "CPU is frequently under heavy load"... I'm Just guessing here, but i can tell you that it worked well with me.

@brotherS: Thanks! That link is great to distribute through my friends and make them fall in love with ahk ;)

-kfitting (January 16, 2006, 12:26 PM)
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I'm using something similar to fix wrong capitalization in a certain word, always works for me - and I type fast too.

You could try

--- ---:*o*:wasnt::wasn'tto see if that is faster for you, but as jgpaiva said, your method should be fast enough already. I suggest you ask in the forum on the site.


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