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Living without AutoHotkey - possible?

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Can AHK create custom toolbars that are active only when certain programs are running?-edbro
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I haven't used it [yet] but I think this thread is relevant:
DONE: Barnacle - Add toolbars to your favorite programs

[Edit] think I misunderstood your request, but:
1) "Can AHK create custom toolbars ..." don't know myself
2)  I think the link above will still be of interest  :)

I think I might try using a combo of both Powerpro and AHK. PP allows me to build very easily a custom toolbar with my own icons. I have custom toolbars for several programs and each button behaves differently for Rclick, Mclick and Lclick. For example, I have toolbar that only is active with Firefox that replaces FF's bookmarks toolbar with my own toolbar of favorites.

It does appear that AHK's scripting capability is very comprehensive so I will be playing with that some.

edbro: I also use PowerPro and AHK. I use PowerPro to build menus and launchers and manage hotkeys, and I use AHK to build "mini-apps" as front-ends to command-line tools.

Besides, I hate PowerPro's scripting. Autohotkey is much easier to understand.

I am intrigued by AHK but I am a long time Powerpro user. I saw that a couple of you are familiar with both programs. Does AHK offer any advantage over Powerpro?
-edbro (February 12, 2007, 11:13 AM)
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Be aware that DC is awash with AHK zealots whose fiery evangelism makes Billy Graham look wishy-washy...  ;)

Both AHK and PowerPro are fine products, but they are very different.  Edvard's approach of using whichever does a particular job best seems the right one to me.  Many other choices exist; I think Mouser, for example, said he uses Macro Express.

Can AHK control the clipboard?

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Small part of the AHK help file entry on clipboard:
Clipboard is a built-in variable that reflects the current contents of the Windows clipboard if those contents can be expressed as text. By contrast, ClipboardAll contains everything on the clipboard, such as pictures and formatting.

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But if you want the kind of clipboard support you get in PowerPro, maybe you'd be better off staying with PowerPro, or try one of the many other clipboard enhancers such as Mouser's (Donation Coder's) own Clipboard Help + Spell.

Likewise with sticky notes, try e.g. Zhorn software's Stickies or Magic Notes,
and I don't think AHK has anything remotely like PowerPro's excellent scheduler, or its support for virtual desktops.  Again, you can find plenty of alternatives; but PowerPro already has it all built in...


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