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Happy Birthday to App103

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And she's of course 23, like all women are :)
-f0dder (January 03, 2008, 06:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

Wasn't 18 really? ;D

Happy birthday! It seems Cody ate all the cakes at the forum, so I hope a :) will suffice

EDIT: Last minute delivery from Google!:

Brand new and with attached specifications ;D

Happy birthday April. Thank you for being part of DC - I've really enjoyed, and have learned a lot from, your posts over the past couple of years. Hope you've had a wonderful day   :)

Ralf Maximus:
I take back all that stuff I said about girl coders; you rock!

Best wishes. :-)

Nice pics, Ralf! Is that Audrey's new cat? The cake looks Korean, though!

Ralf Maximus:
Nope, just a random lolkitty I GIS'd for.



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