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Books that Costs you Irretation


It's not some flame or war against any author or the publication but simply put that if you invest money to learn something and you get something diffrent makes you irretate right.Here's how it happens with me.

1. Bad Purcahse :Purchased Borland C++ builder complete refernce by herbt schildt.(Tata-mcgraw hill) What was inside it total copy of his previous book C++ complete refernce except last few chapters were on widnow based programing.What a pitty! The money is wasted cause i got this book in pack of 3-programming books pre-bundled by bookstall.Take my word instead of complete reference you can invest on something else.

2.Even another bad purchase Begining XML- By Kurt cagle (Wrox press) This book sounds to teahc you XML.Doesn't it? But take my word for it you will find Active server pages inforamtion inside it. What could be the perspective of the author? Why the hell u need ASP in XML? If that is the case you can use PHP as well why not that?or even some pages filling up with installation of ASP and PHP on computer?On the other hand i fot the book called " XML -in easy steps by dreamtech press" was actually filled with lot of information and as promised will teach you XML in easy steps.

3.Other than this many of the books written for the delphi & Borland C++ builder willl do either language reference or some command line programming techniques.I found books on said topics won't teach you anything,insead develop code on your own for delphi and borland C++ builder.

4. Purchasing the books on Windows Annyances by are nothing but telling u how to copy and paste,and some other tips that arre simply will be avialble in most of the printed magazines & activewindows eventually.

I think reading quite inforamtive and contentfull stuff on the web like, took me to onto another level of readership.You know in student stage every penny counts no matter if its for eating out or buying books or watching movies etc.

Look at some of the authors like Kathy sierra " SCJP 1.5 " book's auhtor.She teaches you the java rules and theory by properly writing the code and making good interaction between you and book.
Ivor horton of wrox press is also good example of quality theory with have good authors which are teaching quite quality stuff from their ebooks or printed books.

My opinion: Writing a book can be fun cause if the crowd in the perticuler programming language is not mature and is dumb then no matter what you write & you won't get the guilty feeling of cheating them :) .And anotehr thing you get recognition of authoring book.

What are your experiences in such situations? Do let me know,How you cope up in these situations?
Which book you usually suggest to others.

I use amazon or similar before purchasing books, I read both the synopsis/back cover as well as user reviews/comments, and I check out the table of contents. That way, I'm usually not disappointed.

Oh, stay away from the "Teach yourself X in Y timeunits" kind of books, they tend to all suck.

Addison-Wesley are good for programming-related books, O'Reilly has some okay books as well as total crap. The Wrox stuff I've seen I haven't been too impressed with, to be honest.

Have to agree with f0dder, the reviews on are invaluable.

I have had my fair share of bad purchases as well. Ever since my income declined so drastically, I went to borrow books from the public libraries. Also I read much more ebooks these days.

If I have the chance I take a peek before buying or borrowing a book, be it technical, educational, or entertanational: "introduction to python", "mega-magnetism", "generation degeneration".

Read before you buy!

Ohter than ivorhorton stuff,wrox sucks.
Perosnally i like kathy sierra nad bert bates stuff.
Amazon reviews can help you.

Sitepoint can be good if you want to design books.


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