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Converting an old Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame - HowTo Guide


Found this cool how-to guide while looking for info on the best digital picture frames.  Cool stuff.

I got ideas from many different examples on the net and began outlining my requirements for the project:
• I wanted the frame to look as much like a real picture frame as possible. It couldn’t have any of the computer exposed so it would require a shadowbox to enclose the laptop.
• I wanted the pictures to automatically update from the web. I wanted to be able to change the photos displayed on the picture frame without needing to log into the PC with VLC or something else. It needed to be easy enough that my wife or daughter could update the photos.
• While I wanted the picture frame to access the internet, I didn’t want to have any cords coming out of it other than the power cord so it would require wifi.
• I wanted it to power up, log in to the default user (using XP) and start showing pictures as soon as it was powered up. It should be as simple as plugging it in and it just works.

--- End quote ---


For more DIY picture frames see:

Ah!  Another DIY that I can not wait to try!*

That is after I finish all the other DIY projects I can not wait to try! >_<

Thanks for the kind words and links.  Funny thing is, donationcoder and the donationcoder blog are on my favorite sites list in my favorites so I appreciate it all the more.

I'm currently working on a 2nd diy digital laptop frame that I'm building for my retired parents.  The goal for this one will be to make it even easier to use.  The laptop I'm using for that one is one my dad had sitting in his closet gathering dust so it's a perfect project for them.


Great to meet you.  That really brings a smile to my face :)
I'm really enjoying your blog too  :Thmbsup:


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