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What are your new years resolutions for 2010?


Anyone have any good new years resolutions they want to share?

I've got the normal ones, more reading and writing, less goofing off.  More exercise and better eating.

I think the main "meta" resolution I have this year is to keep stricter and more explicit self-imposed deadlines.  I have a nice big wall calendar this year and i'm looking forward to being a strict taskmaster for myself in terms of blocking out time.

I'd also like to write a nice cross-platform application that uses plugins.

I'll beat cranioscopical to the punchline and say 1280x960.  :P

I made a resolution a long time ago that ended up being the only one I was ever able to keep, and I am not about to break it:

Never make any more New Year's resolutions ever again.

I'll beat cranioscopical to the punchline and say 1280x960.  :P
-app103 (January 01, 2010, 05:58 PM)
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I thought you'd monitor this thread!

I plan to keep beating back anorexia and maintain my girth. It's not easy eating that many carbs and empty calories day after day, but I'm willing to slog through it.


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