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ATTN: NANY 2008 Authors Read In Please


Ok, if you have released a program for NANY 2008, please email me your shipping address so I can send you your DC mug commemorating the event: [email protected]

If you already have a DC Mug, you may choose anything else from and it will have the NANY 2008 logo on it.

Alternatively, if you already have enough DC stuff for your tastes, and need money to pay bills, Cody has authorized me to disburse $50 via paypal, or amazon gift certificate or through postal mail.  It's not much but it's something.

If you have something else you'd like just ask.

I didn't happen to see the clock.  :(

ah sorry, don't restrict yourself to the donationcoder already created products.
you may pick ANY product that cafepress makes.

choose from here:
just give me the details of the item you want.


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