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The Best Games You've Never Played

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OK, here is one for all you oldies out there, Scorched Earth.

How many of you remember playing this during your high school computer programming or keyboarding classes :)
-Josh (January 02, 2008, 10:52 AM)
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That's a wonderful classic too! I also played one that was simply called "bomb", only ran 320x200 but had it's own appeal... haven't been able to find it since then :(

Of the original list, I played or saw The Neverhood. Can't remember which. It was at someone else's computer but it looked like a bunch of fun. Never got to see more than perhaps 30 minutes of it.  >:(

I got Beyond Good and Evil for PS2 because I could never find it for GameCube when I was interested in it. But when I went into the volcano the guy in armor kept falling into the depths. He wouldn't die, but he couldn't get back on the path. The glitch kept me from getting any farther than that. I finally found it for GameCube on eBay a few months ago and bought it, but haven't gotten around to playing it. Meanwhile I gave the PS2 version to my brother.

Metroid was an amazing game back in the day, but it was too difficult for me. Heck, it's still too difficult for me! But I've played and beat every other (proper) Metroid game out there.

Scorched Earth was very fun too. But that was during elementary and middle school years. My brother made a similar game called Nuke 'Em. Then when Duke Nuke 'Em came out, I thought it was a similar game until I played it.

There was also a game called Moraff's World, an RPG. I wanted to buy it but couldn't find it, so my brother talked me into buying Moraff's Blast (Arkanoid Clone). We didn't know what it was at the time because it was just on a floppy disk with no game description. We figured it would be similar because they were both Moraff's. Big mistake! Strangely, looking at the Wikipedia entry on Moraff's World, I don't recognize anything from those screenshots.

Similarly, I loved an RPG game called Castle of the Winds that I got off a shareware CD. The full game has been released to the public.

Similarly, I loved an RPG game called Castle of the Winds that I got off a shareware CD. The full game has been released to the public.
-Deozaan (January 03, 2008, 01:53 AM)
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Oooh, I remember playing that on my stepfathers computer, the few times he would let me use it. Was pretty nifty for a windows game back then.

Eye Of The Beholder on Amiga, anyone? :)

I'm huge fan of Serious Sam Series Since First encounter.This game runs on low-end machines as well and graphics is eye-candy. I'm looking for Third version just released by crowteam in decemer. :Thmbsup:

Eye Of The Beholder on Amiga, anyone? :)
-f0dder (January 03, 2008, 04:46 AM)
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On the Super Nintendo, and I want to get my hands on the Sega CD version, which looks gorgeous and sounds amazing ;D


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