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The Best Games You've Never Played

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Actually, Appeal, the developing group behind Outcast filed for bankruptcy during Outcast 2 development... BUT most of the guys working there founded another group which is now working in a game that looks quite interesting, though it does not have much of a relation with Outcast.

You have Realms of the Haunting? :o, that game used to be one of the most wanted in collectors' lists, and it was not selling cheap in eBay.

MDK games are great, but Beyond Good & Evil at least has a logical plot ;)

Not on the list, but I dont suppose anyone remembers Solstice or METROID for the original Nintendo Entertainment System do they. Best games ever!

I´m collecting games for over 20 years now without thinking about the rising prices after several years for old games. Some things here are now traded for several hundret $ but there are also some very seldom high priced jewels I´d like to add like Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn or Shadow Hearts 1 for PS2!
If I would need a new car I could efford perhaps several mid-class ones by selling my games collection  :D

Loom is a wonderful little game, very sweet story. Played it back on my Amiga.

Never played Nethack, but I played Larn on the VAX terminal at my dad's job yeeeeears ago.

Outcast is interesting, never played it very far, graphics are somewhat buggy but it does have very nice use of voxel graphics; and damn it was CPU intensive back in the days. Always wanted to play it, but only had a demo and now that I can afford to buy it, well... meh.

Didn't play planescape:torment, but I played Baldurs Gate (or #2, can't remember). Never finished it though, I got massively stressed out at the non-linear gameplay, wanting to explore it all and... argh!

Oh, Clive Barker's Undying ROCKED. Lots of scary moments, nice story, very nice gameplay. I'm tempted to give it a go again sometime, I never finished the last boss :(

As for classics... Zak McKracken, Maniac Mansion, Day Of The Tentacle. I still think I have my almost-complete walkthrough for Zak lying around somewhere, it ended in the middle of a sentence, as I was writing the walkthrough while playing the game... I forgot that it wasn't 100% done, and then wrapped each and every A4 page in transparent tape. It's back when I.added.dots.between.each.word, because otherwise I couldn't seem to get the spacing just right and stuff was unreadable...

OK, here is one for all you oldies out there, Scorched Earth.

How many of you remember playing this during your high school computer programming or keyboarding classes :)


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