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The Best Games You've Never Played

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quite an interesting article from that features the not so glamorous games.

This isn’t a list of the best games of the year or the best games I’ve ever played. This is something wholly different and deeply personal to me – a list of the games you’ve (probably) never played.

Some of them you may have dabbled with or looked at, others you’ll have disregarded entirely as you scanned the shelves at your local GameStation or international variant. Either way, here it is; my list of underappreciated classics and bargain bin treasures. If you’ve got any cash left over after your Christmas shopping spree or if you just refuse to buy into all that BioShock hype then you could do a lot worse than to pick some of these up. Most of them are entirely free now anyway thanks to the abandonware movement, but we're going to list them chronologically rather than by status. -article
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among the games that made the list include:
Nethack – 1985
Loom – 1989
The Dark Eye – 1995
The Neverhood – 1996
Realms of the Haunting – 1997
Outcast – 1999
Planescape: Torment – 1999
Beyond Good and Evil – 2003

Nethack with the Falcon’s Eye mod which improves the graphics


I own both Outcast and Beyond Good and Evil, and although I've completed neither, they are both outstandingly good games.

+1 for Falcon's Eye.  :up:

For me, Nethack is an incredibly complete game, but essentially unusable without a huge investment in learning all the hotkeys. Falcon's Eye gives it a friendly UI -- the graphics are just icing on the cake.

Heh, incidentally I was reading this article yesterday, only that New Year celebrations prevented me for finishing it :P

I own both Outcast and Beyond Good and Evil, and although I've completed neither, they are both outstandingly good games.
-Ampa (January 01, 2008, 11:24 AM)
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Outcast... *drools*. It's a pity it's so darn hard to get these days, and Infogrames is not helping at all (no reissues, etc.). Beyond Good & Evil is pretty easy to find brand new in shops, specially in Spain, and for little money.

I own nearly all of these games - only the dark eye and Nethack is missing. I played the others and must say:

Loom: is a quite short game (you can manage all in about 2 hours), but I played it at least 4-5 times now - the story is really great!
The Neverhood: A funny but hard game - but it´s not so big fun as the others - I like the claymen-idea.
Realms of the Haunting: One of my favourite  :up:. The mood is one of the scariest I know - the story extremely complex and over 2 hours of films with good actors makes it one of my biggest pearls. Undying is from the same coder/designer and has very much similarity with newer technology - but it cannot reach the scary mood of ROTH.
Outcast:  :-* The best of them all  :Thmbsup: - the best (voxel) grafic, best story, best ideas (own language you have to learn to understand all that´s been said) best artificial intelligence, cut-scenes, game-music, dialogs and voice-acting of them all. I especially like the outcast outtakes: that have been the first in a game as I know (the next one was Summoner). It´s a pity that Outcast 2 has been canceled.
Planescape Torment: Also a very good game with a very unique & epic story. One of the best RPGs I own. You cannot die ... because you are dead  :D! Noting else to say: Play it!
Beyond Good and Evil: Makes very much fun, has great gfx and it´s rather good for a jump & run/shooter/Boat-Simulation game, but some designs are disturbing me (a talking pig?). Quite cool to play, but I still prefer MDK 1 & 2 that are Muuuuch more fun)
Vampire - Bloodlines is also mentioned. I haven´t played it to extensive to say it´s really very big or not - I could change my mind when playing it a few hours longer the next time, but till now I would say the first part is much better in gameplay and story.


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