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The Best Games You've Never Played

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I have currently had an "old school" phase and went to indie games which focused more on gameplay or storycrafting then snazzy graphics.

One happy thought: if you ever go for an eee or one of the subnotebooks, all these old gems will run on them and the low res will not feel too bad on a small screen!

Planescape: Torment  :-*

Gave up a couple summer weekends playing Planescape.

darklight_tr: I'm not sure Scorch3D is actually "one better" - it's a pretty different thing than the 2D version I spent so many hours with :-\

I've actually played 'The Dark Eye'... I might even still have a copy lying in a box somewhere.

It was less game than interactive media piece; a framing story drops you into various re-tellings of Edgar Allen Poe stories, including 'The Tell-Tale Heart' and 'The Cask of Amontillado', all tales of murders & victims, with the player forced to act out all the roles in time.

It could be genuinely chilling at times, especially playing late night, kind of a hybrid of 'Myst' & 'Silent Hill'.  The highlights, though, were both totally static pieces: William Burrough's reading 'Masque of The Red Death' and 'Annabel Lee'. I'd pay hard cash for playable copies of those recordings...

Not on the list but: System Shock! An experience!

Quoting from Wikipedia:
GameSpy compared the game's commercial performance to that of Vincent van Gogh's paintings, declaring that "the best computer game of 1994 ... came and went whilst everyone was busy killing each other in Doom II."
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