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advice needed: weird lockup/freeze (process/dll/disk/cache?? issue in explorer)

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I disabled all context menu extensions - if i dont experience the issue by Monday then i will re-enable some and so on.

These nirsoft tools are good! Interestingly, there were some things left behind in these extensions that none of my tools had shown - although I had uninstalled regrun in November so possibly this would have shown it.

I havent had the freeze for a while now so disabling extensions has done the trick

I disabled

* the stardock extensions for a few tools that seemed to still be on, keyboard launchpad, right click, and windows blinds
* extensions from qt tab bar (mostly cause i added it about when the problems started and reading the history there are many right click related bugs, none like mine but still)
* extensions linked to farstone virtual drive/gamedrive
* securom context menu
* fuji camera extensions
* sony phone extensions
* skype add on extensions
* zoner extensions (reenabled since)
* Copernic search handler
* stuff i dont think i use like microsoft office infopath, intel graphics context menu, search for people, hyperterminal, ms web folders

I am going to start reenabling some of them bit by bit to see if i can figure out which it was. one of the top 2 I still think!


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