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Sharing printer wirelessly between two different versions of Windows


I'm helping a friend with the following setup: two machines, one a laptop running XP, the other a desktop running ME.  The printer is plugged into the desktop machine, and he wants to be able to print from it from the laptop.  I have installed a wireless router for the laptop's internet access, while the desktop has a wired connection with the router.  The machines aren't currently networked together.  Can the DonationCoder hivemind help me get this working? 

My biggest problem is probably the fact that I'm offsite and needing to direct him by email and telephone, and I have no access to a Windows machine at the moment, so I'm needing to do it by memory and by Googling.  Though my searches are turning up lots of apparently relevant articles and sets of instructions, he's not getting results in following them, which leaves me wondering if this is just not possible between these versions of Windows?

Thanks for any help!

I believe that it's as simple as setting up a home network for the two machines (work through the wizard) and set the printer properties to 'shared'.
Happy New Year!

jim is right except scratch the words "simple as".
getting networking stuff to work can often be frustrating and mysterious.
sometimes you get lucky and it just works.. other times you can feel like you are going crazy trying to figure out why the computers can't see each other.
however jim is basically right, and there are tutorials on the web that will walk you through the process of setting up a workgroup.


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